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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


Oct 7, 2007

Okay, here's the deal.  Did this show with my friend, Boo, a young lady I've mentioned previously.  Three things to note:

We spent some time discussing Curse Words, in detail and specifically.  If you're offended by "foul language," you might want to skip this one.

You'll note that I was rambling and incoherent.  Probably a Stress thing, possibly an Asperger thing, perhaps an Us thing, but definitely a Me thing.  Doing new stuff kinda removed the comfort level I've
achieved with the show.  Perhaps that's also a Good thing.

Third thing.  I wanted to show her what I do, and what it's like.  I think she enjoyed herself.  What's next for me and for us?  Well, she said she may do it again sometime.  We'll see.  She may also start her own, and if she wants to (you listening, Boo?) I'll help her out.  She can obviously speak for herself.  We didn't and don't always agree on what's appropriate.  But it was still kinda cool.  Anyway, comments are encouraged.  Thanks for listening.

No music this time, just the Theme I got from Kevin MacLeod's site.