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Mar 10, 2008

I did have a great plan.  Unfortunately, I'd forgotten one important factor.  Oh, well.  Did manage to do two interviews.  Toady, the Karaoke DJ from Champs, and a young fella named Mike.

What's Karaoke like for a guy who can't stand noise or crowds much?

My review of "Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword," by Tee Morris.  A hard-boiled detective novel, with a little sex, violence, magic, gangsters, gals, and guns.  And it appears, sequels.  Which is a very good thing.

Featuring "Get Good and Gone," from Owen Poteat -- Get well soon.
And "2 of 7" from "Company Incorporated," which Doesn't Suck.

Too bad the Big 50 Plan didn't work out.  Maybe next year?

Theme music from Kevin MacLeod.  (But watch this space...)

Tee Morris
eleven and a half years ago

Thank you so much for the review of Billibub Baddings, and congratulations on reaching your fiftieth episode. It\'s a milestone for podcasting and one to be proud of. As far as the issue you had with Billi and his lack of accent...WOW, I never considered that! You have a good point. A VERY good point.

I\'m thrilled to hear you enjoyed it. I\'ll be dropping news and tidbits on Billi and my other novel MOREVI (located at on the feed so stay subscribed. Thanks again for listening and for talking about it on your cast. Good luck and take care.

eleven and a half years ago

You\'re quite welcome. Really enjoyed the book, and you really did well on the voice work (with my minor little niggle). I\'m already subscribed to the feed for your Morevi novel, and look forward to reviewing that when the new version, the one I\'m working my way through, is finished. (You might want to go back and review the levels on the various voices. Am I subscribed to the new feed, or the old feed? I\'ll have to check. With the levels, I suspect I clicked on the wrong feed. Oh, well.