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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


Jun 19, 2008

Amazon: The Biography Of A Grizzly

Stories from the Hiber-Nation 4: "Biography of a Grizzly," by Ernest Thompson Seton, Part 2, Chapters 1, 2 and 3.  Wahb is now a fully grown Grizzly, strong and bad-tempered.  Some men try to hunt him.  Some men try to trap him.  Some men try to invade his territory.  All fail, and all regret it.  And a couple of them die.

Themes: "Continue Life" and "Sovereign" from Kevin MacLeod.

Jen from Hyper Nonsense and Inside My Head
eight and a half years ago

Now I\'m feeling sympathetic towards this neglected little bear who grew up to .... kill humans. Very well written story.

Grizzly Smith
eight and a half years ago

Awwww... Now don\'t spoil it for the other little kiddies!