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So, they said I needed a new page.  So... here's the new page.

Jun 21, 2009

AMAZON:  Random Thoughts

Here's that interview with Natalie Brown I promised you.  I noticed I had been shortchanging the folks on the Grizzly's Growls Podcast Only feed.  The interview was at the end of my last live "The IDSL" show.

Natalie Brown Music included:

"You Make Me Feel" from her "Let The Candle Burn" album

"Around the World" from her "Random Thoughts"

and ended with "You're Mysterious" from "Random Thoughts."

 The full "The IDSL" including the interview will be included in the IDSL High Quality feed, when I get that together.  Thanks for listening!

Theme: "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod.

Album's Available
Random Thoughts ( 2008 )
Let the Candle Burn ( 2000 )


Natalie Brown Official Site


Amie Street

Amie Street

eight and a half years ago

Nice job with the interview, Grizz.

Grizzly Smith
eight and a half years ago

Thanks! I do much better than I have any business doing. Of course, so far, I\'ve stuck to interviewing pretty young women... ;-)