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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


Jul 6, 2008

As Janis Joplin put it, "Why sleep?  Might miss a party!"

Part 1 -- The Leopard and the Ethiopian

Okay, this classic, old book has the N-word in it.  So that's the way I'll read it.  Oh, well.

Part 2 -- Excuse the Mess

Three blogs, two podcasts, six RSS feeds ... Getting overwhelmed by too many media options, and confusing everybody else, too.

Featured: "Human Beat" from Kevin MacLeod -- yes, that Kevin MacLeod.

Part 3 -- So, What Else is New?

Getting interviewed for "UTalkin2Me" podcast.  Sounding arrogant, maybe?

IDSL Feature: "64 Chevy" from Chavi.

Themes: "140 Times from Bob Baldwin, "Continue Life" from Kevin MacLeod.