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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


Jul 15, 2008

     Spent the weekend trying to get this done, and Hiber-Nation done, and what did I accomplish?  Exactly nothing.
     That nasty political issue that I've been so depressed about, a big part of the problem leading to "executive dysfunction."  As far as you know.

IDSL Feature: "64th Time" from American Rust.

     My conclusions about Vachel Lindsay, and why that's gonna be what it's gonna be.

Just cause I can: "Chocolate Rain" from Tay Zonday.

    And finally, an honorable mention of The Raventones' new album, "Fledgeling."  It's probably better than I've thought so far.  Maybe cause it's different from what I've liked before?

Ending tune: "Starstruck Enterprise" from The Raventones.

Theme: "Human Beat" from Kevin MacLeod.

eleven and a half years ago

Way to rock the Tay Zonday, Grizz! And don\'t let the gov\'t get you down. Not much it seems anyone can do about it, anyway.

eleven and a half years ago

don\\\'t feel bad, I am way behind on listening too, and it takes much less time.