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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


A Minor, Local Something Or Other has a Very Good Week!

Mar 18, 2008

Just a little news:  On Podcast Pickle, "The Original Podcast and Vidcast Community," of 9167 podcasts listed:

Grizzly's Growls is 57th of the Top 100 Podcasts;

54th of the Top 100 Audio Podcasts;

and 2nd in the Society category (behind NPR, but they -are- NPR, after all).

Cool, huh? 

I owe it all to you, my loyal fans, and my new fans, and my fans who accidentally clicked on the wrong thing in their podcast feeder and can't figure out how to delete my silly little program.  Thank you!

I have no idea how I rate in iTunes; I still use Win98SE, so I can't download the iTunes software, so I can't even look at iTunes.  Hope one of you can tell me.    And there are, naturally, a whole bunch of other feed aggregators, and I dunno how I do on their systems.

Next week, I might be 937th.  But this week is a Good Week!