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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


Mar 24, 2008

Part 1 -- Employment Wanted

I've been thinking about work.  I'm a telemarketer, and for me, that's a special sort of hell.

Part 2 -- Silly Me

As I've mentioned, I can't always tell if people are kidding me.  Contrary to the impressions some people have, that doesn't mean I'm stupid.  Just a bit trusting maybe, and often confused, certainly.  But not stupid.

Part 3 -- Strange Days Indeed

At Champs, people behaved very strangely to me.  I didn't get angry or upset about it.  It just slid off me, like water off a ducks back, as they say.

And a little bit at the end about money.

Featured from the iDSL: "20 Degrees" from Jeb Nome, on Garage Band.

Theme music from Kevin MacLeod.

over twelve years ago

You\'re absolutely right, and I intend to avoid all jobs in the future, starting just after I win the Powerball tonight.


over twelve years ago

All jobs suck, Grizz. Avoid \'em at all costs, if you can.