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Grizzly's Growls podcasts


A minor change in the Feeds

Jul 1, 2008


Started fiddling with things again.  So I moved a couple things around on the website, and I made one small change in the way one of the feed addresses work.  Shouldn't affect many people.

Here's the way things stand with the feeds, as of now:

Grizzly's Growls Podcast Only feed:

Story-only feed:

Everything feed: OR

That Everything feed is the one really affected.  It used to be podcast-only, and now it's Everything.  So, if you want -only- the podcasts, you might wanna change to ggpo.

If you're currently receiving what you want, you probably don't need to change anything.  The Everything feed gets more stuff, not less, podcasts -and- stories both.

So, if you wanted Everything, you may want the Everything feed.  And you may not; using both the other feeds does the same thing (at the moment).

Also, the "Everything feed" will end up including any other new shows I start (not planning any at the moment), and may, briefly, include that experimental series I'm developing for the local non-profit.

And you never know, I might actually start new stuff.  Video's all the rage among the young people, now, ain't it?  ;-)  The web page looks a bit confusing, since that shows Everything, too.  But I'm using the tools I have.  And this is how my current tools work out.

If there's anything I haven't explained well enough, send me an email or comment on the website.

Thanks for your patience.