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Grizzly's Growls podcasts

So, they said I needed a new page.  So... here's the new page.

May 12, 2008

People believe all kinds of things, mostly because other people believe them, too.  And then there's the fish.

Part 1 - From the Preface

"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds," by Charles Mackay.

Part 2 - Fish is Brain Food -- Isn't it?

Part 3 - It Gets Worse -- Autism and Fish

Part 4 - This is Life -- Seth Harwood's book, Jack Palms II.

Part 5 - Stories?  Where's my Stories?  -- No, really, they're coming soon.

IDSL -- Joel Johnson, "3 Seconds."

Themes: 140 Times from Bob Baldwin, Sovereign from Kevin MacLeod.

nine and a half years ago

The only time I eat fish is when it\'s battered and deep-fried, Grizz. That probably don\'t make it brain food no more, once it\'s like that. Oh, well.

nine and a half years ago

Hey Mr. Grizzly Smith you do a great podcast. I followed your link from Danny Does Duluth and downloaded your last five or six episodes. I\'m not sure what exactly it is I like about it since it\'s not like any of the other podcasts I listen. Whatever it is thanks for putting it out there.