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Jul 2, 2016

I have a severe allergy to too-clever political speech.  This is my abrupt sneeze on a timely topic.  Sorry.  Here's a tissue.

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Jun 16, 2016

I casually mentioned on Twitter that the late Chief Justice Warren Berger was wrong about the Second Amendment.  And he was, indirectly.  I got jumped on with both feet by someone with lots more followers than me.  And when I responded without fawning, Twitter decided I must be hacked and took me offline.

So here's my...

Jun 12, 2016

Got the Karaoke machine working.  Turned out I simply needed to unplug and reseat the cable from the machine to the mixer, and it seems fine now.  Here's hoping.  And then The Everlasting Man...

Part I On The Creature Called Man

Chapter VII The War of the Gods and Demons

Book Theme "Deliberate Thought" from Kevin...

Jun 5, 2016

Just a brief mention of trying to get my Karaoke machine working for singing in Second Life.  And I forgot to mention the new logo, based on a gift from a fan (on Second Life, dunno if he listens here)... which as you can see is gorgeous!

Recorded this episode and this chapter of Everlasting Man on the Blue Yeti. ...

Apr 28, 2016

About that iPhone encryption thing... Was listening to Leo LaPorte et al on This Week in Google 341, after so many other discussions of the Apple dispute with the FBI over access to the content of the one particular iPhone, and Leo made a passing comment about how some people think phones ought to have special legal...