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Jan 24, 2016

This is an Anecdotal Review of the 2015 Kindle Fire 7.  But this is not a review, really.  Reviews delve into all the tech specs and whatnot, and frankly I don't care much about the specs of the Kindle Fire 7.  Just wanted to share my experiences with the cheap Kindle Fire.  I have a fair amount of Kindle experience...

Jan 21, 2016

Chapter 37 - Games

Show Theme: "Canon in D" from Owen Poteat

Book Theme: "Five Card Shuffle" from Kevin MacLeod

Get your own copy of the book for your Kindle reader, or at R. T. Quinlan's Saloon in Duluth MN.

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Jan 20, 2016

It is wise to wish to preserve life.  But it can be a wiser and more noble choice to risk one's life, or even sacrifice it, if you are actually accomplishing what you have hoped to achieve in your life.


Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr's sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia in November, 1967...

Jan 17, 2016

I just had a minute or two....

Show Theme "Hot Swing" and some incidental music from Kevin MacLeod of

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